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Trading Competition

Manage your own stock portfolio for a chance to win up to $5000 in prize mone


Participate in our workshops to learn how to pitch a stock, value a company, and develop your skills during the competition

Stock Pitch Competition

Present a stock to a panel of judges to earn your way to the final round and face time with recruiter


Find and connect with other students from across Commerce that have the same passion and motivation to learn

Message from the Co-chairs

We have many exciting opportunities coming your way for the upcoming academic year. Our main goals are to educate students about the sales and trading industry, and foster a fundamental interest in the field of investing. Throughout the year we will have several events, competitions and workshops/tutorials to help bridge the gap between the industry and school. No matter what year of school you are in there is always something new to learn. We encourage you to stay connected throughout the year.

Kurtis Kelly, Aashna Kumar and Allen Fu

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